Security CCTV


Security CCTV is becoming more and more prevalent in our daily life, we see it everywhere.  However not all CCTV systems are the same.  It all starts with ensuring your systems meets the outcomes expected of it, and ensuring your expectations are met.

Prestige AV Technology has developed partnerships with a number of best CCTV and security manufactures to provide world class systems that meet any requirement or budget.  All of our systems are now promoted with high definition (HD) Internet protocol (IP) cameras enabling superb picture quality and more importantly the ability to get good identification of a subject in the picture. We provide systems that use new technologies such as UHD viewing capabilities, HDSDI enabling older coaxial systems to be upgraded in to the digital realm of today, without upgrading existing cabling infrastructure which could be very costly.

Our intruder alarms  are state of the art, and we’ve constantly got our eye on the latest technology to ensure we keep up to date  Some systems can be expanded to detect not only intrusion but flood and smoke.  We would be happy to advise which would be the most suitable for your premises.

The team at Prestige AV Technology will design a sound security system for all your needs. All our CCTV and Alarm systems have online access available to you on your smart phone, tablet and computer. Prestige AV Technology will provide you with full training and online technical support for systems we  install and products we deliver.


Security solutions provided by Prestige AV Technology encompass the following technologies:


Our security culture is all about prevention. We aim to make your premises a less inviting target deterring any potential criminal from interfering with your personal space at home or interrupting your business, but with robust installations to prevent a determined intruder.